Guest Row

RSRC welcomes fellow rowers from other clubs to enjoy year-round rowing at our beautiful Tempe Town Lake during.  Guest rowing is usually available when other classes are being held, and the guest is usually in a single.   Guest Rowing is suitable for experienced rowers who have at least six months experience rowing a single. This is particularly important during the winter, at night, and in difficult rowing conditions because you will not be able to rely on others to immediately come to your assistance in an emergency.  Please be aware of the rowing conditions and your skill level.  Guest rowers must also be age 18+.


Steps to Guest Row: 

Email Rio Guest Row Coordinator, Jim Armstrong, at least 48 hours prior to your visit and let him know that you would like to guest row.

You will need the following documents to Guest Row at Rio.  Please download them, fill them out and email them back to Jim.

  • A letter from your home club.  You can find an example letter here.  Your home coach must explicitly endorse your proficiency in a single sculling boat in order to guest row.  At least 6 months of experience in a single scull is mandatory.
  • A completed float test -- a City of Tempe requirement
  • A completed COVID19 Waiver, found on our Resources Page

Purchase a Day Pass or Quarterly Membership HERE.


Once you have returned the completed forms to Jim and paid, Jim will put you in touch with Peter Figgins, Rio's Head Coach.  Peter will work with you to coordinate the times you can row and what equipment you will use.

Welcome to Tempe and Rio Salado Rowing Club!


HERE is a link to directions to the boatyard. FYI -- we launch from a beach (no dock), so wear water shoes or sandals. Our beach is shown in green on the map below.

Tempe Town Lake Traffic Pattern

  • Row in counter-clockwise direction heading west from Boat Beach
  • Faster rowers along the shoreline; slower rowers toward the center of the lake
  • Distances:  West Dam to East Dam = approx. 3000 m. Mill Ave. Bridge to Rural Bridge = approx. 1300 m.


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