What is Discover Rowing?

What, exactly, is “Discover Rowing”? It is exactly as it sounds! We will help you “discover” the same love for the sport that we all share!  In Rio Salado Rowing Club’s Discover Rowing class we teach sculling, in which each rower has two oars.  For details on sculling versus sweep rowing, click here .

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Discover Rowing is designed for adults (over the age of 18) who have never experienced rowing on the water. We realize some of you exercisers out there may have rowed on a machine, the “erg”, but we can safely say that rowing on the water is a completely different (better!) experience. You will be in a small group of people who, like you, have no idea what they’re doing, so you’ll all be in the same boat!  Rio’s Discover Rowing class is for adults (18yrs +) of all ages and fitness levels, though we do recommend you have some basic fitness level, and/or have been exercising regularly, before beginning rowing.  Discover Rowing is a ton of fun, and after taking it, you will want to learn more! 

Upon completing your Discover Rowing class,you are eligible to sign up for next level class, “Learn-to-Row”, at a discount(details below).  In the Learn to Row class, you will develop your skills on the water with other rowers at a similar level, instructed by Rio’s Head Coach, Peter Figgins.  


Discover Rowing is a three-part program, designed to provide you with a very basic understanding of rowing.  The three-part class is offered in one week, with session held on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  The first session is on land and gives you an overview of the sport of rowing, terminology and equipment, and a rowing machine (called an “erg”) demonstration of the stroke, with practice on the erg.  Quick and ...easy?!  The second and third sessions are on the water!  We will go out with experienced rowers (1:1 ratio new to experienced rowers) and the coach.   


We offer six Discover Rowing classes throughout the year: February, March, April, September, October and November.  Rio also participates in National Learn to Row Day, an event in which clubs across the country welcome anyone interested in rowing to come and check it out.  It is usually held the first Saturday in June and lasts a few hours.  Check back to our website in Spring for information about upcoming June National Learn to Row Day.

There will be no Discover Rowing classes in June 2020, due to COVID19 restrictions.  Please check back after July 1st, 2020, for updates on possible summer Discover Rowing classes.  Check back in August for updates on the Fall 2020 Discover Rowing classes.   

2020 Discover Rowing Fall Schedule is to be determined.  Check website again in August. 

Typical Class Schedule:
Tuesday 6:00-8:30pm  Land session
Thursday 6:00-8:30pm  Water session
Saturday 8:00-11:00am  Water session with light brunch after workout
Upon registration, you will be emailed details about each session, with instructions on how to prepare, what to bring, etc.


$75.00 per person for the 3 part class.  All equipment is included, light brunch after the third session is included.  

After completing Discover Rowing, you can sign up for two months of Learn to Row for the price of one month.  ($99 savings!)  This offer is good for ONE week only, after you complete Discover Rowing. Click here for details about the Learn to Row class.


Questions?  Email pamn@rowrio.org




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