of Directors

Rio Salado Rowing Club is administered by a nine-member, elected volunteer board of directors that meets monthly. 

  • Pamela Neuharth

    Pam started her rowing career in college, where she rowed for UC Berkeley. She continued to row off and on for years until she moved to Arizona where, ironically, she found her second rowing home in the desert with Rio Salado Rowing Club in 2013. Pam's favorite thing about rowing is group therapy in the pain cave followed by food, repeat.
  • Brian McDermott

    Vice President, Captain of Boats
    A club member since 1999, longtime board member and former board president, Brian is a genuine Rio veteran. As a graduate of SUNY’s Maritime College and former ship’s officer on oil tankers, Brian knows a thing or two about boats and keeps ours lakeworthy. He started rowing as a college student in the frigid waters off the Bronx.
  • Reggie Alvey

    Secretary, Men's Team Captain
    Reggie loves the water. He grew up surfing the Oregon coast. Looking to reconnect with something on the water to replace surfing, he found Rio Salado Rowing Club in 2018. After his Intro to Rowing class he knew he had found his replacement and hasn't looked back since.
  • Peggy Stemmler

    Peggy started rowing in 2016 as a tagalong rower’s mom when her knees didn’t like her bike any more. For someone whose basic makeup is always trying to improve, rowing gives a lot of material to work on.
  • James Armstrong

    Jim wanted to row for many years before life allowed it. Already a distance runner at Long Beach State University, Jim tried out for and made the college’s rowing crew in 1972. His brief stint at college rowing was cut short when he left for the U.S. Army that same year. Retiring from the Army and a career in mining in 2013, he finally settled in with Rio in 2015. Jim enjoys the demands of low-impact cardio rowing workouts, sunrises on morning rows and competing at regattas.
  • Michele MacCollum

    All four of Michele's kids rowed in high school. When they moved on, she started. She's been rowing with Rio since 2015, although her first sculling class was at Craftsbury in 2012. Michele's favorite boat to row is the quad, and her favorite things about rowing are the camaraderie with fellow rowers and being on the water in the middle of a massive city.
  • Andrea Siegrist-Baez

    Andrea learned to row on Tempe Town Lake in the early 2000s and rowed off and on for a couple of years. Life took her attention elsewhere for many years, but she found her way back to this beautiful sport in May 2017 with Rio Salado Rowing Club. She has served on Rio's Board since 2019.
  • Beth Slikas

    Beth has been rowing for about eight years, and she considers rowing to be the ideal sport. What can beat being on the water, in the early morning, working hard? Beth joined Rio in 2020, upon moving to Arizona. She enjoys the competitive spirit and camaraderie of the club.
  • Kristine Wilcox

    Ever an optimist, Kristine decided to take up rowing in her mid-60s when she stumbled upon Rio while pining for sailing and looking for a sport to complement cycling. Boats have bumped her bike to second place.