"Research has shown that people who volunteer live longer."

-- Allen Klein

Ever noticed there are some pretty old masters rowers out there?


Membership in RSRC comes with responsibilities as well as privileges. Rio Salado Rowing Club is operated totally by volunteers, and each member is expected to contribute to the operation of the club. The majority of our members contribute by maintaining our expensive equipment, raising funds, working at special events, or being “Boat Buddies”.


By contributing on these fronts, each member ensures that we all get the most for our membership dollars, and the club operates smoothly - for many years to come. And, it really is fun!


Come join the fun!  Pair (or double!) something you LOVE to do (rowing and volunteering) with people you LOVE to be with (Rio members and friends) and we promise you'll live longer...





Board Member    

Pam Neuharth

Discover Rowing 


Jennifer Blatt


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THANKS for your interest. We couldn’t do it without you!



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