With us

Whether you’re just starting out or advanced, we’ve got a class for you.

Introduction to Rowing

For people who have never rowed on the water, start here. This class will provide you with a basic understanding of the sport.

Rowing Level 1

This is your class once you’ve taken Rio’s Intro to Rowing course. It’s also perfect if you’ve done some limited on-the-water rowing in the past. Small-sized RL 1 classes sweep in 8-boats and scull in wide, stable single shells or boats designed for two or four rowers (“doubles” and “quads”).


Prerequisite: Intro to Rowing or permission of head coach

Rowing Level 2

The coach will graduate you to Level 2 when you’ve developed some fundamental skills and are ready to row in narrower boats. Class sizes stay small. New rowers with experience may begin in RL 2 with the coach’s permission.


Prerequisite: Permission of head coach

Rowing Level 3

Coaches will graduate you to Level 3 when you’re comfortable and independent in a single. RL 3 coached sessions are also open to experienced rowers who just want more time in single or team boats to refine their skills.


Prerequisite: Permission of head coach

Competitive Crew Team

If you’re an experienced rower who wants to race, you may apply to join Rio’s coed Comp Crew. Our crew competes in local, regional and national masters’ regattas, from major events like Head of the Charles in Boston and Northwest Masters Regionals in Vancouver to Desert Sprints on our own Tempe Town Lake. Rio rowers compete at high levels and receive top-level coaching from  Rio’s staff and visiting coaches. Rio also provides opportunities for club members who aren’t on Comp Crew but do want to race.

Prerequisites: Invitation of head coach and a current annual club membership is required to join Comp Crew. Other club members must have the coach’s permission and a current club membership to race with Rio.

Open Row

If you’re an experienced rower and either pass Rio’s Open Rowing certification exercise or can demonstrate your qualifications from another club, you may use Rio equipment to row on your own during regular class hours. Rio classes have priority for boat assignments.


Prerequisites:  Rio Open Rowing certification and/or permission of head coach