Intro to

If you’ve never rowed on the water, start here. This two-day class will give you a basic understanding of the sport of rowing.

To Rowing

If you’re age 18 or older, have little or no experience rowing on water and are reasonably fit, this is the class for you. (Even if you’ve spent many hours on the rowing machine in the gym, start with this class.)

The class takes place over two days, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., typically on a Saturday and Sunday. You may choose to take a “sweep” class or a “sculling” class. In a sweep boat, each rower uses one oar. In a sculling boat, each rower uses two oars.  Almost all Rio rowers both sweep and scull, both are fun, and you can’t go wrong either way. 

Class format

Day 1 starts on land. Your professional coach and experienced Rio volunteers will introduce you to boats, oars and other equipment, teach you rowing terminology, demonstrate the foundations of the rowing stroke, and show you how to carry a boat. You’ll also learn to use the rowing machine, which rowers call the ergometer or “erg.” Then, you’ll get on the water.

Day 2 will see you on the water following a brief review.

Physical requirements: You must be able to lift and carry 20-25 pounds, do a full squat, bend over and touch your hands to your knees, climb up and down stairs without using a handrail, and before the first session, complete and submit a float test

What’s next?

After completing Intro to Rowing, you’ll be eligible to enroll in Rio’s Rowing Level 1 classes, where you’ll continue developing your skills with rowers at your experience level.